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Control All Aspects of Your Business with Flow Aeon Platform





Flow Aeon is a complete inventory, PO, receiving, invoice, shipping, quote, communications, customer, business tracking and A/R System. Built by experts in FileMaker.





Control All Aspects of Your Business with Flow Aeon Platform


Flow Aeon is a software platform that gives you unprecedented control and visibility.

Flow Aeon is a complete platform for multiple industries. Flow Aeon provides clear and reliable data with fast access and unprecedented visibility. Connecting all your departments with data – all across the board – from making quotes, taking orders, shipping, invoicing – and more. Open a quote, and convert it to an order in moments. Manage customer information. Primary data entry point of customer data ensures a smooth flow of information through your process.

Fast, reliable, accurate. All this through a platform that is accessible everywhere there is a screen. In the office, in the warehouse, and on mobile devices. We’ve got you covered!

Feature Rich


Our software will improve the experience of getting usable information from data.
All across the board – from taking pickups, dispatching, invoicing – and more.

Customer Management

Our Customer List Makes It Easy To Locate The Customer You Need The Minute You Need To.

Quotes and Orders

Flow Aeon Provides Rapid and easy quote creation. Quotes can be emailed or faxed in seconds.


Line Item Level Shipment Creation and Tracking


Invoice Shipped Line Items for Fast, Error Free Billing.  Accept payments from Credit Cards, Apple Pay, and Others.


Document Management is Easy with Flow Aeon.


Flow Aeon provides a variety of reports so you can see the big picture.


Flow Aeon provides a complete inventory management system.


Flow Aeon interfaces with other technologies.  Tie in with accounting packages (Xero, QuickBooks, Aeon Sapphire) as well as Point of Sale Systems, e-commerce systems, and the web.

Process Controls

We understand that each business has unique process controls to handle the everyday interaction with materials.  Track those processes closely with Aeon Flow.
As Of August 2017, Aeon Flow Software Includes The Following Features:
  • From Order to Finance, Most Data Entry Is Done Once
  • Complete Customer Service Center System
  • Complete Inventory Management
  • Custom Reports Meet Both Your and Your Customer’s Needs
  • Integration with QuickBooks, Xero, and Sapphire
  • Web & Remote Session Access, Easy Remote
    • Web Access for Customers
    • Web Access for Staff
    • Inter-Departmental Access
    • Multiple Location Business access data
  • Data Exchange to Other Mainframe Systems Through EDI & XML
  • Creates Corporate Communications
    • Broadcast Capabilities
      • Broadcast E-Mails
      • Faxing of Invoices, Past Dues
  • Complete Document Management System Will Assign Any Type of Document (JPG, PDF, Word, Excel, Etc.) To A Customer, Contact, Shipment, Etc.
  • Integrate Other Web-Based Information into Systems Such as Google Maps And USPS.
  • Easily Export Data into Excel Or Word from Flow Aeon’s Reports & Data Screens
  • A Complete Inventory, PO, Receiving, Invoice, Shipping, Quote, Communications, Customer, Business Tracking and A/R System.
  • Reports for Quotes And shipments, Profit and Activity, Inventory, A/P And A/R
  • A/R Features for Collections, Statements & Automatic Past Due Notification
  • Credit Card Payments Directly Within Aeon Flow via Stripe.Com
  • Imaging System for Digital Storage Orders, Quotes, Shipments, Signed Document
  • Provides Seamless Sending of Reports, Invoices, Past Dues, Letters, Quotes, Shipments, & Images
  • iOS FileMaker Go App for iPhone/iPad Devices
  • iOS App for Warehouse Management and Inventory
  • Integration with Zebra (And ZPL II Compatible) Barcode Printers
  • Barcode Printing to Laser Avery Labels

We’ve Got You Covered

Aeon Flow software can handle your needs.  We match to your industry.


Multiple Industries

Our Partners

Aeon Development Group is a proud member of the FileMaker Business Alliance. We partner with FileMaker to provide a solid, agile foundation.

We partner with 2X to provide thin client solutions for Flow Aeon.

We also partner with GPS and Black Box Systems, Application Servers, Cloud Servers and Hosting Companies.

Sales Sheets

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Flow Platform Features

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